2 thoughts on “Volunteer

  1. I believe in the healing and will be that cannabis kills multiple from cancer to fibromyalgia from seizures to glaucoma I believe in everything it can do. God made marijuana man-made alcohol which do you trust?

  2. Hey Teresa McMillen , that saying you just said is wrong ,, and I will tell you why its worded wrong, I was in Washington Dc, from 1976-1978 , yes I was a protester for the right to have marijuana lower in grams, back then if you were caught with a joint you could of gotten 5 yrs in state prison … thank you jimmy carter who lower it to a 28 grams , it was me my girlfriend at the time sandy and are 3 friends randy mary and babbet ,who we all were there in 1976 and made then words up,,, God Made Grass , Man Made Booze who do you Trust,. we are one Nation under God, why Not believe in him . man made laws and rules , god made 10 rules , who do we trust, if one nation is under god, and god believes in us and in the bible is say what come from earth will heal the sick,, then why do we drink what man make Booze , its there poison . do you believe in whats from god or whats from man .. they are the words we all wrote down on paper in our little tent on the lawn in Washington dc in 1976. we always shouted out them words when 200 of us got arrested on the white house lawn in 1977. rock on .. ohh I still have them notes we all gave our peace of mind that night , I will never for get in my life
    chris mcpeck / facebook up and down the east cost musician

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