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NC is a Decrim State – But What Does that REALLY Mean?

In some states and municipalities that have ‘decriminalized’ possession of small amounts of cannabis, the offense is treated as an infraction and people may be given a ticket to pay, just as if they had been caught speeding.

In North Carolina, possession of any amount of cannabis up to 1 ½ ounces is classed as a misdemeanor, and possession of more than 1 ½ ounces is a felony. North Carolina is considered to be a ‘decriminalized’ state because first time offenders possessing ½ ounce or less are subject to a $200 fine and will not serve time, however, the person will still be arrested, and will have a record. Persons in possession of up to 1 ½ ounces may be sentenced to 1 – 45 days jail time and pay a $1000 fine.

For a detailed synopsis of North Carolina law and penalties, see http://norml.org/laws/item/north-carolina-penalties-2

To learn more about the history of decriminalization (and other cannabis-related legislation) in NC, see https://ncnorml.com/2015/10/02/a-brief-history-of-cannabis-legislation-in-north-carolina-from-1977-to-2015/

If you do not agree with the prohibition of cannabis and current laws, we ask that you do your part to change them. To learn more about how to change North Carolina’s cannabis laws, see https://ncnorml.com/2015/03/07/contacting-your-legislator-about-legalizing-cannabis-in-north-carolina