Local Chapters

NORML is a grass-roots organization. That means it is built from the ground up through a network of willing volunteers and fueled by financial donations. Most cannabis law reform advocates participate at the local level. We attend regular chapter meetings to learn more about ways to educate the public and sway our legislators’ votes in the General Assembly.  There are many ways to contribute that suit each of our personalities and strengths.

Would you like to get involved? Contact your local chapter today to learn more.


NC NORML of the Triad


Triangle NORML (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill)


NC NORML Facebook pic


13 thoughts on “Local Chapters

  1. I see that Surry County, and the surrounding areas have no one volunteering to get a chapter going. I am sure there has to be many more up here in the NW corner of the state who are interested in helping, atleast..I’d like to think so. How do we go about getting a chapter open here in the mountains?

  2. I reside on the coast of NC. Is there a chapter close to the New Bern / Morehead City area? I believe the laws should change with regards to marijuana. I used to be in law enforcement and even then felt something needed to change. Prescription pain medicine is not that effective and highly addictive, ruining so many lives. Marijuana is a better choice. And no one can use the “it’s bad for your health” issue when the government hasn’t made cigarettes illegal.

    You have my support!

    1. Hi Nina! I know it has been awhile since your post but are you still interested? I live in North Topsail Beach. I am very interested in getting this local chapter going!

  3. Where can i find a book to do business plan for how to start dispensary and cultivation in Jacksonville North Carolina

    1. Chris, did you have any success in finding a book? I am a business admin major and am currently writing such a book. I am also involved with a national company that gives seminars, hands-on workshops, and subject-intensive classes for the cannabis industry. Seems like now is really the time to learn everything we can because legalization can’t be that far off! I am curious to know what people are wanting to learn where local
      resources are lacking.

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