33 thoughts on “Support NC NORML

  1. I am a 41 year old male who has had petite seizures my entire life. I have them every few hours of every day. I am a productive member of society. As a teen I noticed cannabis all but eliminated my seizures. As an adult there is no remedy. No drug the doctors can offer. I refuse to risk my career and freedom. It is time to legalize. John Doe. Raleigh NC

    1. I also have seizures,I’m 44, diabetic,sleep apnea,neuropathy,and migraines.pot,weed,what ever you want to call it,really helps with the pain,and anxiety. It’s way past time for legalization.we need this medication,and it should be available,and affordable. Not only is it our constitutional right,but it’s our god given right.the bible speaks of the tree of life. It also says in genesis to plant every seed. All I can say is for me,I will use this plant as medicine,and for relaxation,every time,over pills with who knows what in them. Pot may be illegal,but not immoral.people need to let people live,and live free,like we should be able to do.its our god given right. Haven’t we suffered long enough,are we not also Americans,who should be free to explore our rights.please stop infringing on our rights,haven’t they taken enough already. We need to stand up,believe in something,for the people,not against a select few,so if you will pass this on to anyone you can and keep smokin. Why we need is equality,not imprisonment. God bless. Sincerly, Todd Collins,north Carolina life time resident, American, Christian, and human.1-3-2015.

    1. If the tobacco farm is in North Carolina, you’ll have to wait a few months at least… probably a year or two. There is a hemp study bill that is still unfunded from 2006. Hemp just isn’t much of the discussion in North Carolina despite all the available farmland that could be used to grow it. The good news is that Tennessee and Kentucky have both passed bills allowing for cultivation of hemp. The South is coming around.

  2. If NC pass the bills, will we need to be registered to grow hemp? What do other states, like Wash., Co., Tenn. and Ky. require for cultivation?

    1. Tennessee will require registration with the state department of agriculture. It looks as if seeds must be purchased through the state as well. Details are still being drafted. We can probably expect something similar in North Carolina.

  3. Do not vote for Mark Meadows again. He is a House Representative for NC. He replied to an email I sent about legalization and taxation. He said pot was the gateway drug and the most illicitly used narcotic. He also stated it would lead to other drugs. Obviously, he overlooked alcohol and prescription drugs. He is a jackass, simply put. And, he represents our state!!!!

  4. Do not vote for Mark Meadows again. He is a House Representative for NC. He is against legalization and taxation. He thinks pot is a gateway drug. He thinks it is the most illicitly abused drug in the US. What about alcohol and prescription drugs? He is a jackass, don’t vote for him!!!! Please send him emails so he can pull his head out of his &$@!!!

    1. I believe that marijuana should be legal for the simple fact it is a natural medication. I have 2 types of seizures along with degenerative bone disease and currently facing charges for medical use and trying to get me for maintaining a dwelling to manufacture and sell which is not the case. Ive been facing these charges for over 2 years now and worried they are going to take my disability and insurance from me. And not to mention I just had my first baby girl in march and im not going to be to happy if they try and take me from her. So im really hoping they pass this soon and maybe they will drop my charges.

      1. The public’s sentiment is changing fast. Almost half the states have real marijuana laws on the books. North Carolina is slow with the rest of the South, the fact that the House passed the CBD shows a real conversation has begun in the state’s Capitol. The bill passed almost unanimously so most have opened the door a crack to have this talk seriously.

  5. Does the NC Bill the governor signed into law cover growth of the marijuana plants and distribution of the oil?

    1. No. The bill does not provide a way for patients to actually access CBD oil. They would have to obtain in a different state that allows for cultivation and processing of the plant then transport the medicine across state lines – which is federally illegal.

      The NC legislators passed a bill that let’s them say they voted in favor of medical marijuana without actually passing a law that is useful to anyone.

  6. Im all for medical use it would help people a lot think of how much money you will get…alcohol is way worser then weed..

  7. In North Carolina, employers can fire for any reason. So if the business is anti-marijuana and you talk about it a lot with everyone, it could raise suspicion of your use. But probably not if you’re wise about it.

    Most employers wouldn’t know you work with NORML, so get involved the any way you can. There is no active chapter in Union County. But the most important thing you can do is contact your state representative and ask how s/he feels about marijuana legalization. Then report back to us at info@ncnorml.org. We’ll post the results so everyone will know who to vote for.

  8. Don’t know if this is the proper place for this email but here goes nothing. Huge blow today for marijuana legalization supporters with the release of toxicology reports related to the death of race car driver Kevin ward Jr. All thats being said is that he had a high enough level in his blood to cause impaired judgment. As we all know metabolized THC stays in the body and is slowly released over time. I don’t know how a toxicology report is interpreted however it seems to me that after reading and watching news reports that the toxicology report is being manipulated to make it seem as though Kevin ward Jr was “stoned” at time of death. With the toxicology report having been completed using a blood sample would that be testing for metabolized THC or could that definitively show he was under the influence at time of death?

  9. I’m curious as to how I could be of help Im looking for an active group where ideas are welcomed and pondered. This subject is considered “illegal” and my skepticism is for the safety of those around me. The false propaganda the government is using has reigned over us for to long. Anyhow I look forward to hearing more about becoming an active part of this struggle.

    1. If you are in North Carolina, there are several active chapters across the state. These groups organize at a local level and focus on changing the law enforcement priority for their police departments (they meet monthly and develop plans for activism on the street). Let us know what major NC city you are closest to by sending an email to info@ncnorml.org

  10. (I posted this in another topic but thought it fit better here)

    I’ve suffered with anxiety/depression and nerve damage that cannabis helps dramatically better than anything else. I’m tired of taking all of these pills that provide little relieve and cause so many side effects. I’m a Christian and don’t believe in abusing drugs and I see cannabis as an amazing medicine and hemp an amazing plant and knowledge needs to defeat the ignorance of those in power. I’ll show up at any rally and hold up signs; I’m thinking daily “how much longer is it going to be before I get my medicine.” 5 years? I’m disabled so moving would be hard and Medicaid won’t pay for cannabis but I could grow it at least somewhere. Idk, it’s frustrating and I’m going back and forth from extreme depression where I just want to die. I can’t stand having a cure right in front of me that I can’t grasp. It’s been 15 years hoping and struggling in this area and I’m out of energy. And it’s because I’m not breaking the law in growing any cannabis. It’s gotten bad, I’ve cut myself a lot and done other self-inflicted injuries. I’ve bought dissociative research chemicals that do work for the nerve pain but aren’t studied well enough and can cause brain damage; but I have no choice when the pain gets so bad. Also I have friends who are addicted to the “legal weed” which are very addictive and dangerous research chemicals placed on leaves that often cause seizures. Why can’t I have this simple plant that would solve so many of my problems? Why am I a criminal for wanting this solution?

  11. I’ve had epilepsy over 20 yrs I’m 24 medicalmmarijuana would definitely help me I live in NC these pills I’ve been taking for over 8 yrs do not work.

  12. Is there a way to pass something at city level? The same way it have been done nation wide state by state. Maybe it can be done city by city. This one of the hard states. Hopefully conquering city by city is an option. Just throwing the idea I don’t know politics. I would love some input

    1. Yes! Actually that is the plan NORML in North Carolina. While we do not have a ballot initiative in the State, but we can work to make marijuana the lowest priority for local police department city by city by city, like you said. Join a local chapter, and help us make this work please.

  13. You have to understand state government I guess. When they figure out how to pad there pocket from it ,then it shall to will pass. Meanwhile people like myself need this medicine.it is immoral,to fine or jail some one for a natural plant.it is a violation of our god givin constitutional rights. Freedom of religion. My bible says in genesis that we are to plant every seed. It also speaks of the tree of life in the bible. Could be one in the same. I believe in god,and that there is only one god.regardless of what he is called.i also believe that he created this flower,herb,whatever you call it is natural. It’s a life saver for lots of us who need medicine,but choose not to use opiates,pills,.if ya want to help stop the pills and completely legalize cannibus,free the weed.take a toke and hold the smoke brothers and sisters.can I get an amen.

  14. I feel the need.the need to smoke some weed. In all seriousness,it does help with lots of issues. We shouldn’t be persecuted for something that can and has and will continue to help us live.

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