The North Carolina chapter of NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) is a state run non-profit organization.

NC NORML’s mission is to legalize cannabis. This goal involves advocating for regulated cultivation, processing and responsible consumption of cannabis products by adults and children with doctor recommendations. We also advocate the legalization of industrial hemp due to its many benefits (agricultural, textile, manufacturing, nutritional, economic, etc). Through lobbying and community outreach, we hope to educate the public and the North Carolina legislature about the values of the plant and an urgency to regulate it.

NC NORML develops campaigns that we consider reasonable and capable of making tangible progress. It is within the authority of municipalities to determine which issues receive the most, and least, attention from law enforcement. We believe that if a number of municipalities throughout North Carolina can successfully pass resolutions moving marijuana to the lowest possible priority of law enforcement, then we can send a loud and clear message to our legislators in Raleigh.

One of NC NORML’s core strategies is to develop a statewide presence through creation and support of local chapters. Local chapters can operate with relative autonomy, crafting and developing their own campaigns with the guidance, direction, and approval of the NC NORML Board of Directors. We currently have active local chapters in Concord, Asheville, and the Triangle area (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill). The organization is eagerly recruiting people to establish a core presence in other cities and counties across the state.

By becoming a member of NC NORML, you are joining the many people who know it is time for a peace movement in the war on drugs.

If you disagree with the laws, we ask that you do your part to change them.

Contact Information:
PO Box 5451
Charlotte, NC 28299

email: info@ncnorml.org
phone: 828.419.0768

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Do whatever it takes to legalize marijuana. I take medicine to help with my seizures. Marijuana also gives me that extra prevention. I feel that police need to spend more time catching the bad guys that rob and kill. Rather than running around trying to catch someone smoking Marijuana. It is far less dangerous than alcohol.

    1. Austin… Marijuana’s effectiveness in reducing seizures is moving from purely anecdotal to common knowledge. This non-toxic plant is being revealed as medicine for a myriad of uses. We agree… the police should stop arresting people for possession of this plant. The laws are absurd and we need to change them immediately.

      1. I really hope they do legalize it itbhelps my depression and panic attacks…I have a pending court date this september only for 5 grams

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