NC Support for Medical Marijuana at All Time High – 2016

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Almost 3 in 4 North Carolinians support doctors’ rights to recommend medical marijuana to patients in need.

According to an April 2016 Public Policy Polling survey in North Carolina 74% of the state is now in favor of allowing doctors to discuss medical marijuana as a source of treatment.

The poll was conducted April 22, 2016 and surveyed 960 North Carolina voters regarding their views on cannabis legalization. The results showed that 18% of the state is against giving doctors the right to recommend medical marijuana and 8% are still undecided.

Those randomly selected for the survey were asked, “Do you think doctors should be allowed to recommend marijuana for medical use, or not?”

The survey was conducted the weekend before House Bill 983, titled “Legalize and Tax Medical Marijuana“, was introduced. If passed, the new law would protect people with severe diseases and specific medical conditions from arrest and prosecution. The bill also sets up guidelines for paying taxes on marijuana as a function of THC content.

Federally, cannabis has been a Schedule I controlled substance since 1970. Schedule I substances are deemed to have a high potential for abuse and no medical value.

Fewer than 10 percent of those who try marijuana ever meet the clinical criteria for dependence, while 32% of tobacco users and 15 percent of alcohol users do. There have been no deaths from marijuana overdose or chronic use according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

The National Cancer Institute (the U.S. government’s branch of cancer research) now recognizes marijuana has cancer cell killing properties.

15 thoughts on “NC Support for Medical Marijuana at All Time High – 2016

    1. Locate the NORML chapter nearest to you. Join NC NORML online. Contact your representative in North Carolina. Ask him/her to support HB 983. Keep up to date on the latest (and biggest) studies to know your facts. Engage your friends and family and talk to them about their stance on cannabis.

  1. The medical side has so many positives. making it legal is a life saver for many people who really need it. Besides Alcohol is alot worse and its legal… I mean come on.. I vote for yes.

      1. CAnnabis should be legal,it cures not kill,great for panic and anxity attacks instead of all the pills I’m on, cannabis helps me better than any pill free the weed! Another thing these pills are addictting‼️🙏🏻🙏🏻💯

  2. If I have chronic pain and I believe that medical marijuana should be legalized in North Carolina because I have a lot of health issues and more including mental health as well as a chronic pain and I believe it it should be legalized for that. I was on it for about 10 years off and on and it helped me out a lot of my issues now that I can’t smoke it since they put me on opposite opiates I can’t I can’t smoke it because I failed my drug test

  3. I served almost 30 years USMC. Disabled Vet. I have chronic/ severe pain , anxiety , depression, PTSD. I’m on several different PILLS opiates, antidepressants etc.tried Pot and it helped alot. I agree Medical marijuana should be legal. You can’t OD on pot.

  4. Do u know how mu c h money we could bring to nc on taxes if u legalize pot bu tg the death toll would drop from people overy dozing on pain meds wake up nc and pass the law

  5. I have rumetoide Arthritis I wish an they should legalize medical marijuana it’s the best way to go instead of taking prescription drugs that harms your liver an also the addiction is horrible an after a while you need to go up on the mg. Cause you don’t feel the pills anymore its crazy so I say yess to let doctor’s prescribe medical marijuana!

  6. 8 months ago I had a seizure that pulled my muscles so tights they snapped from the bones. From my neck all the way down my collar bone(front and back) the muscles also came off around my right shoulder and upper arm.The doctors said it would take at least a year or more to get my arm up and running again since I had paralyzed myself from this seizure. I have the worst type of seizures anyone could ever have, I need a knee replacement, a right shoulder replacement, I broke my neck in two different places and almost crushed my throat not being able to talk for two months. It is legal in the State of NC for my type of seizures but I can’t seem to find a specialist to recommend marijuana. I feel like the doctors are just telling me to go and buy a rocking chair and sit in it till I kill myself. Please if there is anyone out there that can help me find a doctor that would or could help , I beg of you. Thank you

    1. I’m in ! We NEED change ASAP ! I hate that I cant get the best care available for me cause where I live geographically ! Lets catch up with the rest of the country & world at this point .

      1. In 2007 i had a bad back injury ,had surgery @ L5-S1 , was on pain management for a number of years , was way over prescribed pain meds causing serious addiction to fight the pain, after about 4-5 years I checked myself into a detox facility and was clean but still had some serious pain. Decided to try spin injections , I figured was a little safer as far as addiction went , after several months I realized it wasn’t working so back on the roller coaster of meds. In 2015 I was rushed to the hospital and turned out I had sepsis, which the doctors believed I got from the injection, tainted epidurals , so the doctors told me I should of died and cant really explain why i didn’t . So from there i left the hospital in a wheelchair … which i fought like HELL to get into , then fought just as hard to get out off it , to a walker and eventually back to me cane. about 6 months later i was back in the hospital for another 2+months , i was days away from being paralyzed from the waste down. That same infection had nestled into my spine …. so early 2016 I’m back to pain management and those hideous opiates struggling to walk and basically live ; i was only getting out of the house3-4 hours a day. The last medication the pain doctor had me on was 75mcg of fentanyl every 72 hrs and oxys 30s for breakthrough and he was trying to push a morphine pump to install inside me, it was insane. Quickly was back into addiction and not enough improvement to justified it. So after turning down the morphine pump one day I decided to smoke some medical cannabis… WOW !!! I felt AMAZING !!! So i eventually weaned myself off the opiates and today I’m walking cane free 7-9 miles EVERY morning and growing STRONGER FAST !!! It truly is AMAZING !!! What is really bothering me is I had to lose over 10years of my life and I still don’t have it available to medically !!! If i have a remote chance to regain some equality of life I must have access to Medical Cannabis !!!!

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