HB 983 – North Carolina’s Medical Marijuana Bill (2016)

North Carolina’s newest Medical Marijuana bill is making its way through House subcommittees. It is titled “Legalize and Tax Medical Marijuana”.

On April 26, 2016 Rep. Kelly Alexander introduced HB 983. This bill, if passed, would make it legal for patients to possess marijuana for personal use. This bill currently has a total of 12 sponsors – 11 Democrats and one Republican.

This year’s medical marijuana bill protects patients who are in possession of cannabis. Medical marijuana would be legal to have if a patient has documentation from a licensed physician and has paid all applicable taxes.

There are no provisions for growing or buying medical marijuana from a dispensary with this bill.

Here are the basics of HB 983…

Qualifying Criteria to possess marijuana with THC legally in North Carolina:

  • Patient must be diagnosed with a terminal or chronic illness
  • Patients must have a physician’s written recommendation for the patient to use cannabis to treat the disease’s underlying symptoms
  • Patients must purchase a Marijuana Tax Stamp from the NC Department of Revenue (Note: Marijuana tax stamps are already available for purchase today.)
  • Marijuana must only be for the patient’s personal use.
  • No more than three ounces of marijuana may be possessed at a given time.


Taxation Rates

  • Marijuana stalks and stems are taxed at a rate of $8.00 per ounce
  • Plus an additional…
    • $7.08 per ounce, if the marijuana is less than 5% THC by weight
    • $14.15 per ounce, if the marijuana is between 5% and 10% THC
    • $21.24 per ounce, if the marijuana is between 10% and 15% THC
    • $28.32 per ounce, if the marijuana is between 15% and 20% THC
    • $35.40 per ounce, if the marijuana is between 20% and 25% THC
    • $42.48 per ounce, if the marijuana is great than 25% THC.

According to an April, 2016 Public Policy Polling survey, 74% of North Carolinians support a doctor’s right to recommend marijuana to patients who may benefit from the plant.

Everyone in North Carolina who has a personal need for medical cannabis or knows someone who has benefited from treating their conditions with cannabis are highly encouraged to contact their representatives. Medical marijuana bills have not gained much traction in the North Carolina General Assembly. Through polling of representatives, the reason all previous medical marijuana bills have failed is largely due to the fact that our legislators do not know cannabis is safe and effective. They need to be informed.

Please contact your representative to encourage him or her to co-sponsor HB 983. If you don’t know who your representative is, read this article….



If you already know who represents you in state congress, the following is a guide for reaching out and encouraging them to support this bill.

If you do not agree with the laws, do your part to change them.

15 thoughts on “HB 983 – North Carolina’s Medical Marijuana Bill (2016)

  1. CDC Guideline for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain
    I’ve heard many times that “this shouldn’t affect people that really need pain relief” and “other options are available”, but these statements aren’t completely accurate.
    My 54 year old wife suffers from chronic lower back pain caused by “degenerative disc disease” that can be debilitating and was taking 120mg morphine ER daily and .5mg oxycodone for breakthrough relief. While this was barely giving her some quality of life, her doctors are still reducing her pain medications due to “fear of being audited by the state” (their explanation). Also, it appears that doctors are already considering these guidelines as regulations.
    She has gone through the gambit of alternative treatments (i.e. physical therapy, behavior modifications, RF Ablation, etc.) with no success. She has been reviewed and turned down by five different neurosurgeons due to her advanced osteoporosis. Some of these neurosurgeons were from prestigious research institutions associated with Duke and Wake Forest universities. She was reviewed and turned down for a spinal cord stimulator.
    She doesn’t like the side effects of the medications (constipation and difficulty urinating), but she did have some mobility. Now, she is in constant severe pain and her quality of life has significantly diminished to the point she can rarely get out of bed unassisted.
    I know that there are newer drugs that are capable of targeted release being developed, but they are not available yet. Why would the CDC dictate such guidelines without working with the FDA to ensure that there are viable alternatives available to opioids?
    Since medical cannabis is not an option now in N.C., what “other options are available”?

  2. U should legalize it look how much money can be made off it and we wont be so broke look at Denver they said they made millions if nit a billion on it stop draging ya feet and catch up with the rest …..

    1. Lol I’m from NC but worked in Denver for a few months last year but what people fail to realize is marijuana is a tourist attraction so that means millions of people will flood into our beautiful state just for this attraction and that causes prices on everything to go up dramatically just like what happened in Colorado; rent, gas prices, food, EVERYTHING. If you want to live in a state where marijuana is legal move there but I am not in favor of them legalizing marijuana even medically in this state its one of the cheapest states to live in and needs to stay that way.

      1. Absolutely the most selfish views I’ve ever heard. Yes, deny people the lives of their loved ones so you don’t have to pay .10 more in gas. Good Karma coming to you…lol

      2. One of the cheapest states to live in? Are you insane? LOL I just moved back from AZ after 4 years and it is more expensive here than there. I am born and raised in NC and it is NOT the cheapest place to live. Texas was much cheaper and jobs paid more.

      3. Colorado was more expensive than NC BEFORE MMJ! You worked there a few months… cool. Its been legal for YEARS.

  3. To deny someone of something that can help them, should be a crime. We are talking about a plant for goodness sake. Again, it is a plant! People should have the right to do what they want. All laws regarding marijuana are absolutely ridiculous. It is legal to go to a doctor for pain and get a prescription for an opiate…one of the most addicting things on the face of the earth, yet, it is illegal for the same person to be denied a medicine that he or she can grow in their own yard. What the hell is wrong with people. Marijuana is not addictive, it does not destroy lives, it is FREE and has so many good qualities we don’t even come close to understanding even half of them yet because of these absolutely archaic laws. How is it ok for giant pill companies to make billions and billions of dollars forcing people to become addicted to man-made drugs yet not ok for people to smoke a joint and alleviate all the same problems those garbage synthetic drugs will with NONE of the same side effects. There is MORE than enough literature and WAY MORE than enough people who use marijuana every single day and show absolutely NO adverse effects, yet some people still refuse to just let them be. I can put a seed in the ground and go to jail…how sickening is that? I have been smoking marijuana for almost 20 years. I am still perfectly able to live a completely healthy, normal, sophisticated, clean, perfectly happy life. Having to go through a process where we have 4 people decide what goes on the ballot is absurd. There should be no committee for this at all. A simple, statewide vote should be called for. Let the people of the state decide. Not for just medical use either, for any use. We should be allowed to smoke pot plain and simple.

  4. It would be so nice to have an alternative to morphine and percocet. I am 50 years old and have severe lower back pain due to disc compression and degenerative disc disease. I’m to the point now where I can no longer function at my current employer. The meds I take listed above give little relief and my Dr. wants to cut the amount I am currently taking. Don’t quiet get that logic because it only causes more pain and less ability to function. I do hope NC will pass the Medical use of Cannabis. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before the Federal level drops the prohibition but it has been tested for decades now and failed many times. Some compassion would be really nice on the General Assembly and Governor McCrory. To JoHo, I hope you never become involved in politics because you are one very selfish individual. Call your Reps and lets get this done.

  5. We the people of north Carolina need to vote the people out of office that keep medical marijuana from us . our government is supposed to be the will of the people, not their will !! If we don’t vote them out , we don’t deserve our medicine .

  6. Im a 46 year old male .I suffer from spinal stenosis on top of that i broke my back in a roll over car crash in 2010.I have been dealing with mental issues since i was 18.Ihave a spinal cord stimulator for pain which was implanted in 2012.I am on a variety of opioids and meds to deal with my mental health.I want to be able to make decisions on what to put in my body ! I use cannabis on a daily basis and in conjuction with my meds.i am able to control my opioid use !!If cannabis were legal ,i feel like i would be able to leave opioids and medicate naturally with the different choices of cannabis!!please legalize north carolina and see this opiod problem to an end!!

  7. Chris, they’re going to get it whether its legal or illegal. What’s the risk versus reward as a whole here? JoHo brings up a valid point. have you lived in the same situation as JoHo, or are you just speaking an opinion that is not based on experience? You think that whether or not this law passes, people are going to not be able to get their hands on their medicine? Hah.

  8. Medical marijuana need to be here in NC… It helps out with anxiety , ptss, depression , bipolar ,mood swings, appetites, pain, seizures , and a lot of other benefits from it…. We need to have it here and available to the people who needs it to cope with everyday life… So please think about it. I would also be beneficial to the state too…

  9. Hello my name is Charles Habanec and I am in strong support of medical marijuana. I have progressive MS and also Rheumatoid Arthritis. I am currently on prescription medication that is not working. One of my close friends told me today that he thought a house bill had been passed for medical marijuana but only for cancer patients? If anyone there can provide me with some information on this i would sincerely appreciate it.

  10. I am Venus and totally support of medical marijuana use before and after of the marijuana legalization bill. Because many patients have recovered from cancer using cannabis oil. And there are no health hazard using medical cannabis.

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