NC Senator Report Card – 2015 Medical Marijuana

NC Senator Report Card Updated with votes on Industrial Hemp and amending CBD Oil Bill

NORML of North Carolina - Official Blog

The table below lists all the Senators in the General Assembly in 2015, and how they stand on allowing patients to have access to cannabis based on a doctor’s recommendation.

(Click here to see a report card for the Representatives in the General Assembly.)

Some of these Senators have shared their stance (in varying ways) on allowing doctors to recommend cannabis to patients in need. We have compiled the responses from these Senators and given them a grade.

If your Senator doesn’t have a grade, it means we don’t know how he or she stands on the issue. Please help the cause by calling, writing, emailing, or scheduling a face-to-face meeting today. Let us know what you found by emailing

Don’t know who your Senator is? Read this….

NOTE: Scroll left and right in the embedded table to see the grade, political party, legislator’s name, district…

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3 thoughts on “NC Senator Report Card – 2015 Medical Marijuana

  1. So… How far off are we from having a dispensary in NC? That’s awesome for funding and creating environment for a state that could use a shot of fresh

  2. Not anytime in the near future – patients with intractable epilepsy who qualify for hemp extract currently have to get it from out of state sources.

  3. I hope it’s legal real soon cause thc is helping with my uncontrolled seizures more than these seizure meds are that’s for sure..

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