NC Representative Report Card – 2015 Medical Marijuana

The table below lists all the representatives in the General Assembly in 2015 and how they stand on allowing patients to have access to cannabis based on a doctor’s recommendation.

(Click here to see a report card for the Senators in the General Assembly.)

Some of these Representatives have shared their stance on allowing doctors to recommend cannabis to patients in need. We have compiled the responses from these representatives and given them a grade.

If your representative doesn’t have a grade, it means we don’t know how he or she stands on the issue. Please help the cause by calling, writing, emailing, or scheduling a face-to-face meeting today. Let us know what you found by emailing

Don’t know who your representative is? Read this….

NOTE: Scroll left and right in the embedded table to see the grade, political party, legislator’s name, district, counties, comments supporting the legislator’s grade, and supporting links.

6 thoughts on “NC Representative Report Card – 2015 Medical Marijuana

  1. I believe that pot should be leagle for people that have medical need that it would help them thank you

  2. Rick Glazier(D), District 44 Cumberland County wrote in a reply letter to me that he would not support medical marijuana, including for veterans only.

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    North Carolina will will hold primaries on March 15, 2016. Candidate Filing Dates are December 1 – December 21, 2015. NC NORML will update this scorecard with information regarding incumbents and challengers. You can help by contacting your representative and their challenger(s) to find out whether s/he will support medical and decriminalization bills if elected, and let us know where they stand. If your representative has been a supporter of medical marijuana, decriminalization, and hemp in the past, be sure to thank her/him, and encourage your friends/family to support them also.

  4. Yes I strongly think that marijuana should be legal for people that is in pain or any kind of situation where it would help. It will even help the economy, just look at the other states where it’s legal now it helped in every state. I’m in a wheelchair and I know it can help me get off off these pain pills that I have been trying to do for years! Marijuana does more good than bad alcohol is worst, when is the last time you seen someone kill or rob someone cause they was high, but 99% of the time they are drunk!

  5. My 14-year old granddaughter has stage 4 gliosarcoma brain cancer. After surgery, radiation and chemo, the only life-saving option to stop the growth of this tumor is CBD & THC which is derived from cannabus oil. It has been proven to be extremely effective in reducing brain tumors – please do the research. Are you going to allow someone to die rather than approve this bill? It would only be dispensed with a doctor’s prescription & can be well regulated. Please change your law in time to save my granddaughter who lives in Charlotte.
    Maureen Benigno

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