National Congress Cannabis Report Card

The table below lists the Representatives and Senators from North Carolina that have been elected to national Congress. These are the people who have been tasked with rescheduling marijuana, reducing penalties associated with the plant, and making cannabis-friendly laws nationwide.

NOTE: Scroll left and right in the embedded table to see the grade, political party, legislator’s name, district, counties, comments supporting the legislator’s grade, and supporting links.

Some of these national congress members have shared their stance on allowing doctors to recommend cannabis to patients in need. We have compiled the responses from these representatives and senators and given them a grade.

If a congress member doesn’t have a grade listed, it means we don’t know how he or she stands on the issue. Please help the cause by calling, writing, or emailing to ask.

Let us know what you found by emailing


For report cards for the senators and representatives in North Carolina’s General Assembly (state congress)…
Click here for Senators
Click here for Representatives

One thought on “National Congress Cannabis Report Card

  1. My wife and I resigned in Tucson,AZ were marijuana is legal, and are moving to Cary,NC in February, we would love to be able to have our medication there, we aren’t believers in pain pill’s for the fact they eat up the lining of your stomach, thus causing suver olsers. We hope you vote this in soon, God Bless. Phil

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