Support for Medical Marijuana Surges for Third Year – North Carolina, 2015

Seven out of ten North Carolinians support a doctor’s right to prescribe marijuana to patients in need.

According to a Public Policy Polling survey – conducted in January of 2015 – 70% of the state is now in favor of legalizing medicinal cannabis for card carrying patients. This polling data shows a 7% increase each year since 2013.

The 2015 poll also showed 20% of the state is opposed and 10% undecided. Opposition to medical marijuana dropped 10% and the number of those who are undecided rose 3% since 2014 (63/30/7%). This trend suggests that, given time, people tend to realize the benefits of legal medical cannabis far outweigh the risks. These numbers improved significantly since 2013 (58/33/9%).

Those randomly selected for the survey were asked, “Do you think doctors should be allowed to prescribe marijuana, or not?”

The survey was conducted the weekend before House Bill 78 – Enact Medical Cannabis Act was introduced by Representative Kelly Alexander. It would protect people with severe diseases and specific medical conditions. The new law would create a regulated growing and distribution system of medical cannabis and associated products. This system is designed to be both safe and reliable.

This legislation is seen as a reasonable alternative to the CBD-only law that has helped zero families with  qualifying needs for the medicine.

Federally, cannabis has been a Schedule I controlled substance since 1970. Schedule I substances are deemed to have a high potential for abuse and no medical value.

Fewer than 10 percent of those who try marijuana ever meet the clinical criteria for dependence, while 32% of tobacco users and 15 percent of alcohol users do. There have been no deaths from marijuana overdose or chronic use according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

The National Cancer Institute (the U.S. government’s branch of cancer research) now recognizes marijuana has cancer cell killing properties.
### -February 14, 2015

17 thoughts on “Support for Medical Marijuana Surges for Third Year – North Carolina, 2015

  1. I know that everybody is talking about using marijuana to treat people that suffer from seizures. My question is will that make it legal for people that suffer from diabetes, diabetic neuropathy, and other complications that go along with diabetes? I have been dealing with all kinds of complications from diabetes. I have read study’s of people using marijuana to help with diabetic complications.

    1. ONLY if enough of us are willing to stand up, speak up and not give up. If you read through all of the posts, all of the hoops that the government (which is *supposed* to represent “we, the people”)…then yes, you will qualify. I see so many posting, wondering if their illness will qualify them. I guess the answer will still be “NO”, if only a few are willing to do the work of MANY. I am a six time cancer fighter, with radiation poisoning. If I can still think, string words together, keep updated and actively try to educate, and make the calls, write the letters, then the answer is “YES” because the majority of ALL North Carolina residents want it. But, its going to take all of us working together, voting out those who try to continue to sweep this under the carpet (or whatever fancy words they use)…we CAN do this.

    1. I have seizures at nighttime and can’t sleep without sleeping pills or staying up for days on end. Something happened to me in my teens after passing out and never been the same since.

      Always worried and depressed to the point my life is at a stand still. I smoked Cannabis and it was truly an eye opener. I could sleep. Workout. Eat. be happy. And best of all enjoy writing music.

      In NC messing finding cannabis is impossible for me, since my depression prevents me from trying i.e Worrying about everything. Doctor’s tried to put me on all sorts of hard core drugs that only made my condition worse. Sadness me that I must suffer for a politicians greed or self preservation. I could be getting better, but all i can do is wait for the true heroes on the cannabis movement to save you and many others.

      1. just asking…why can’t you step up as one of the heroes? If each of us does our part, we do have strength in our numbers. I too cannot find herb to help me..and I deal with the pain of cancerS. Six so far. I shouldnt BE here. Yet, here I am, still in the fight, and still speaking up. Vote, write your congress, your senators, heck, write the McCrory! Elsewhere here, you will find someone took their time to post a graph which shows who is for, against or has “no comment, no opinion (no brain?)” on this issue. Get involved. Get MAD. Heck, that focus alone will make you one of the heroes we all need to be. Nuff said?

  2. i also support legalizing it for one reason to start it would put people to work unless I’m mistaken the state would start paying licensed growers to grow which would help the economy as a whole as well… I have also noticed the benefits with my own depression an if legalized I see a big change ahead for everyone with depression an other issues as well…

  3. Since our lawmakers again refused to consider medical cannabis even though the majority of our citizens support HB78 I only hope that every single one of them will never be relected and will lose their kush jobs!

  4. im sorry arent they OUR representatives? why then do they not represent what the majority wants.there are people with little or no hope because of this a regular working man my wife is ill with cancer. she should have the option to try any and all treatments.Big Pharma doesnt want anyone to grow their own medicine.just my opinion …..

    1. EXACTLY!!!! I know beyond any shadow of doubt that losing access to the ability to have my own little garden, where I had constant access to my herb, kept me out of the hospital for nearly 20 years! Within hmmm, nine months of coming to NC, unable to meet anyone not so paranoid as to sell me a little herb (at outrageous prices); I now keep my hospital bag packed. I am furious I have been laid low again. More cancer, again. This didnt have to happen!! I am in full agreement with you, my husband & I are living the same nightmare. I do not want to be on dangerous drugs that KILL. But somehow, THAT is more acceptable than to allow us access to an herb known to cure so many illnesses??? pfffttt. As I am sure you already know, all we can do is keep track of who is trying to help us, and who stands against us and VOTE them OUT of office! (and pray we live long enough to see the day we dont have to try to “ride the pain” every single day. Best wishes to you both.

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