Bio – Alexander Bumgardner

Alex Bumgardner is a founding member of NC NORML. Recognizing a need for an organized group of committed individuals to lobby for reform in North Carolina, Alex began meeting with other activists in 2009. By the summer of 2010 NC NORML was officially incorporated in the state.

Since that time Alex has served on the Board of Directors, held various Officer positions, and worked as the Charlotte local chapter coordinator.

Currently, Alex is focusing his efforts to build and improve the Board of Directors, and to expand the presence of local chapters statewide.

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3 thoughts on “Bio – Alexander Bumgardner

  1. Some of us have had to wait for help while dealing with chronic life-threatening illnesses. I am just one of those people. I moved to NC because I was mis-informed in that they thought NC congress had passed the Compassionate Care Act only to find out that cannabis is still illegal. I do not want to have to take chemically made pills that have a longer list of side-effects than they do for anything helpful but I have no choice because unless we can finally make it understood cannabis cures, helps, heals…folks like me would die if jailed even 72 hours for minor “offense” of trying to have some type of quality of life using cannabis. If those who are supposed to represent “the will of the people” can’t understand that it *is* the will of the people, then maybe the monies generated by legalization might sway them. Where once poisonous but profitable tobacco was grown, fields of a healing crop would help the farmer, the coffers, and we the patients. We need help, now.

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