Substance Abuse Counselor Says Time to Repeal Prohibition

In recent years, more information has been gathered through scientific, empirical research that there are a multitude of positive benefits from use of the Cannabis plant. I have been a certified substance abuse counselor for more than 20 years. I conduct substance abuse evaluations to determine the level of treatment the client must attend to satisfy the court system.

In conducting the evaluations, I always ask the client if they would rather “burn one” or “drink one”.

The overwhelming majority of individuals who see me for alcohol related incidents state they would rather “burn one”. Daily, I am made aware that the information provided during training was incorrect or lies. For example, in an approved treatment video, a doctor states that if young boys smoke pot, they run the risk of growing female breasts; young girls will grow facial and chest hair. Many of the substance abuse videos are either completely incorrect or far fetched. Another pertinent fact is that these videos are made by treatment centers and companies that have a vested interest in distribution and sales.

My education is in the field of Substance Abuse Counseling, and has lead me to believe Cannabis is safe and beneficial medicine. The upheaval over legalization of cannabis, not just medical but recreational as well is not based on risks to humans, but rather risks to large industries who would be dealt a financial blow when Cannabis prohibition is lifted.

In my practice I do not penalize the use of Cannabis. I typically give these clients the minimum, least punitive measures accepted by the recent court system in North Carolina. In groups, I discuss the accurate and positive information about Cannabis, which has for so long been suppressed.

Being armed with accurate and current information has changed my understanding that Cannabis not only has medicinal benefits, it is also much more safe than the currently legal drug, alcohol. The endocannaboid system and the value of the CBD’s is incredible. Prohibition of Cannabis has lasted over 70 years, even with the knowledge that prohibition does not eliminate use, rather creates a black market.

It is time to repeal prohibition.

Robert A.

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