Cycling 4200 Miles for Cannabis – Plant-A-Seed Tour Interview with NORML

Mueller Train

William Mueller and his bicycle want to fix broken laws. In November of 2014, William will leave his home near Charlotte, North Carolina to begin an epic cycling tour. This one man activist event will cross the United States, eventually span two hemisphere, and stretch over 4,200 miles to raise awareness about the value of the cannabis plant. NORML interviewed William before his tour to discuss his motivation, relationship to the plant and overall lifestyle.

NORML: Can you describe the Plant A Seed Tour and your motivation to bike such a great distance?

William Mueller: The Plant a Seed Tour is a 4,200 miles cycling tour that is driven by passion to bring awareness about cannabis education, Research, and Legalization. The tour starts November 1st and begins in St. Augustine, Florida. We have planned stops at 12 MeetUp locations. A hundred days later, we will end in Montevideo, Uruguay [where marijuana has already been legalized nationally].

My personal involvement in the legalization of cannabis began with the Million Marijuana March in NYC in 2005, and has led me down various paths to culminate in my personal awareness and fundraising efforts. I sought Todd Stimson’s advice regarding his walk from Asheville to the Capitol building in Raleigh to raise awareness about Cannabis in our state. I knew the Plant a Seed Tour would be a huge undertaking, and that we would need all the help we could get. The reason for the Plant a Seed Tour is to bring awareness about cannabis. There is too much research to back up what this plant can bring to the table. No one has ever died from cannabis and caffeine has worse side effects. The laws against cannabis are broken and should not even exist. Its time to stand up and make some changes.

William and Stimson

NORML: That’s quite an undertaking in support of the plant. The millions of people who use the plant for their health are grateful for your enormous efforts. So how long have you been cycling?

Mueller:  I have been cycling most all of my life. My passion to ride bicycles started as a young boy when I was gifted a bicycle for Christmas. I felt free, like I was flying.  Now I ride recreationally as well as a Touring Cyclist.   I became a dedicated cyclist, after losing the use of my car for 2 months and still had to get the kids to school and I had to get to work. So it was necessity that made me look at my means of transportation in a new light and that turned me into a endurance cyclist.

NORML: Are there any other sports or martial arts you practice regularly and with the family?

Mueller:  Another activity I practice regularly is Taekwondo, a martial art that my family and I partakes in as a whole.  It’s a way for us to exercise and spend time together while keeping a healthy mind and body.  I’m going to be a good father for my children no matter what life throws at us. Cannabis brings something special to the table that allows me to take a step back from the day to day hassles in life and observe my children as they are. Cannabis enlightens me to see just how important they are in this present time and enjoy them for who they are.

Riding with child

NORML: Marijuana is less addictive than alcohol, tobacco and caffeine but isn’t for everybody. Its psychotropic effects are unique and require a bit of understanding and experience to gain familiarity. What advice would you give to those who are trying to find a good balance with marijuana in their life?

Mueller:  My advice to those who are trying to find a good balance with cannabis in their life, is to start with small amounts until you find what works best for you. For those of you who are already a skilled athlete and are interested in practicing with cannabis to reach your peak goals would be to start with small amounts until you find what works best for you and your sport of choice. In my 18 years of consuming cannabis there has been no more than two times where I have felt “too high”. It was either too anxious of an experience or too tired feeling and I just wanted to sleep.  If you ever reach a state of where you feel too high, I would just go somewhere you can sit down and it will soon go away. To avoid getting too high, I would watch how you dose by starting in small quantities until you feel comfortable with your level and high.

NORML: It sounds like you’ve found the dose and strains that work best for you. As an athlete, what benefits do you find from combining marijuana and cycling?

Mueller: When cycling and about 30 – 40 minutes into my ride I reach a state of flow.  A zone that I am fully in my state of concentration and total body is in tuned with itself. When I reach this state of flow I don’t have to think about the peddling any more, my body just takes over. I feel like I can just keep on going. When I consume cannabis while cycling, I reach this state of flow much quicker with a more deeper connection.

I also ingest cannabis to enhance my pre-training motivation, it gets me out into the world so that I can do what I need to do for my training. I enjoy mostly clear headed, energized, uplifting and positive strains such as Strawberry Cough, Jersey Fresh, Kali Mist, and most Sativa varieties.

During training I consume cannabis to take any edge off and keep myself focused and more attuned to what my training goal is. Post training consumption of cannabis helps relax the muscles and bring on an appetite. So that I can replenish my body with the the nutrition it needs to recover properly.

NORML: Any final words to the readers?

Mueller: Education is very important and what we are taught is what we will believe. There was a time when information came from newspapers and the news. Now we are in an age where the truth of something can only be hidden for so long before it bursts at the seams for all to know. Cannabis is one of those important truths that is coming to light. Research is being done that proves cannabis is an amazing plant with so many benefits we could write a book on it and all with less side effects than caffeine.

Now is the time, and with help from social connections like you, we can bring this education to the people who either don’t know about this amazing plant or to show the ones that do know the truths about cannabis but are still in the closet know that we are standing up together.

The Plant a Seed Tour is going to be at 12 Meetup locations in the U.S. and later to a few cities in Uruguay bringing Education to the people. This is where we will need your help to make this tour a social movement to make our stand. Join us as we embark on a journey to Educate.

If you would like to support William’s efforts, please visit his website and consider donating. The costs to organize and complete an event like this is great. To date, much of the funding has come out of William’s own pockets as he has been a one-man activist in the cannabis community. If you also believe that it is time to change the antiquated cannabis laws, help William make a stand across the nation and reach out to him today.

If you don’t agree with the laws, do your part to change them. Consider joining NORML today.

2 thoughts on “Cycling 4200 Miles for Cannabis – Plant-A-Seed Tour Interview with NORML

  1. Very proud of you guys. Keep up the good work, one of these days the holy rollers and politicians will get off their asses and legalize a natural herb that God put on this earth for a reason. Please feel free to post this anywhere and everywhere, with my name and e-mail address. Name is Tim Gravely.

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