Plant A Seed Tour Cycles 4200 Miles- Raises Awareness, Crushes Stoner StereoType


William “Palito Blanco” Mueller is not lazy. He and other professional cyclists are biking 4,200 miles across the continent to raise awareness about the benefits of the cannabis plant and the urgent need to change laws prohibiting its cultivation and use. This epic tour will also remove any doubt that marijuana makes a person lazy.

Popular culture is filled with the stoner stereotype. From Scooby Doo’s Shaggy to The Big Lebowski, the image of that lazy, good-for-nothing stoner has been firmly engraved in the minds of people. Despite millions of cannabis users who are nothing like Shaggy or Lebowski, much of the public still think of cannabis users as lazy, couch-loving individuals. But for those who have followed a global movement to de-stigmatize cannabis, it comes as a no surprise that many athletes, business-persons and celebrates have led an active and fruitful life despite of – more aptly because of – regular use of cannabis.

Plant A Seed Tour is a 4,200 mile cycling tour dedicated to bring awareness about Cannabis education, research and legalization. The professionals associated it with are not the lazy ‘potheads’. Every single member of this tour are active athletes who live a healthy lifestyle. Collaborating with the tour is NORML Athletics, a network of highly enthusiastic sportsmen who deliberately use cannabis for personal growth and peak performances. This non-profit organization is actively involved in raising awareness about the medicinal and psychological benefits of cannabis through a global network of like-minded athletes.

This coming together of two noble parties expects to break barriers and establish a more positive image of cannabis and its users. This collaboration will send a strong message that cannabis users are everyday people, athletes and even business owners who work day in and day out to raise family and succeed in life. NORML Athletics will spotlight William “Palito Blanco” Mueller throughout the tour. He is on a mission to raise awareness about the urgent need to mend broken cannabis laws.

The issue of cannabis’ numerous benefits will be at center stage and many of the long standing myths will be debunked openly. Scientific research and true life athletic examples are on our side. NORML Athletics has a growing list of prominent athletes joining their cause who continuously strive for realizing their highest potential in their respective sports. Headed by Aaron, a jiujitsu purple belt and a national level MMA competitor, NORML Athletes continue to push boundaries and bring cannabis into mainstream.

Join this exciting venture and support NORML Athletics and the Plant A Seed Tour in any and every way you can. Legalization and awareness about cannabis can save and improve lives of thousands if not millions of individuals. Know that cannabis users are not what the popular culture has made out them to be. This initiative itself is an ample proof that cannabis users are highly active, driven everyday people who strive for continuous success. Join hands as Plant A seed Tour and NORML Athletics aim to dispel the most persistent myth of our times.


One thought on “Plant A Seed Tour Cycles 4200 Miles- Raises Awareness, Crushes Stoner StereoType

  1. Wow 4200 miles!! I did the Wash DC AIDS Ride 2 years in a row w/my favorite stoner friend :). And we did the MS 150 together 🙂 every 30 miles or so we would stop for a smoke & some Gatorade:)
    peace to you and all the riders my friend- you are helping me, I am using weed for pain – just had a handful of stones taken out of my bladder ,one of my docs prescribed medical weed for my pain -with a nudge,nudge,wink,wink…it did NOT have any the effects I was needing after a HUGE surgery – munchies, euphoria…:) Nope, the govt advises the pharm guys not include pleasurable effects so we the people don’t get addicted it…so I still have to get my real medical weed on the down- low from a slightly criminal element
    Peace, Kathy lentz

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