Join the March Against Fear and Legalize Medical Marijuana


If you want North Carolina voters to have an opportunity to pass a medical marijuana law this November, it is imperative that you join Todd Stimson and many others for a medical marijuana rally this weekend.

On June 6, 2014, Todd Stimson began walking from Asheville towards the capitol in Raleigh to raise awareness about North Carolina’s need to legalize medical marijuana through the Medical Cannabis Act (HB 1161). Along the way he has been interviewed by local and national newspapers.

House Bill 1161 was introduced in the state legislature last month. If legalized, qualified medical marijuana patients and their caregivers would no longer be subject to arrest and prosecution for using marijuana under a doctor’s order. The bill would also set up a regulated medical cannabis supply system for patients to safely access their medicine.

Everyone who believes doctors should have the right to prescribe marijuana for qualifying conditions such as cancer, should join the growing base of supporters this weekend at Jordan Lake and at the Legislative Building in Raleigh Monday through Wednesday to meet with their representatives. Supporters are in the majority, but members of the General Assembly don’t know this fact.

If the Medical Cannabis Act passes, it would allow the citizens of North Carolina to vote for or against medical marijuana in the state in this coming November election. For the bill to pass, it must be approved by a three-fifths vote in both chambers before it can be placed on the ballot.

Despite facing possible felony convictions for cultivating the plant to help many cancer patients in North Carolina, Todd Stimson has humbly walked across half the state for the people who need the plant to survive. “This [march] is about public awareness.  [The Medical Cannabis Act] lets the people decide. We believe in the freedom of choice. You should be able to help yourself and treat yourself. And that’s what we think it should be, to let the people decide instead of them trying to tell us yes or no.”

If you want to join the effort to pass a full medical marijuana bill this year, you can call Todd directly or learn more at the Facebook event page here

Todd Stimson     (828) 699-5704

Where Todd and medical marijuana supporters will be and how you can join them….

June 21 & 22 (Saturday and Sunday)

Parkers Creek Campground at Jordan Lake State Recreation Area
Campsites 9, 10, 11, 12 in Loop #1
Map of Area –
Jordan Lake State Recreation Area Info –

What to bring…
– Water & Gatorade
– Tent
– Business/professional clothes to wear at the Legislative building next week
– Willingness to stand up for what you believe in


June 23, 24 and 25th (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday)
Monday is the official completion of the March Against Fear at the next Moral Monday.
Tuesday and Wednesday groups will organize and meet with Representatives in the General Assembly to discuss the need to pass the Medical Cannabis Act.

This weekend and early next week are North Carolina’s best chance to for a public showing and to let our legislators know the importance of passing a true medical marijuana bill en masse. If you believe it is time to end the needless suffering of patients, seriously consider opening your schedule the next few days to join Todd and many others in the final march to open medical marijuana to those in need.

If you do not agree with the laws, NC NORML asks that you do your part to change them.

The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems. ~Mahatma Gandhi

3 thoughts on “Join the March Against Fear and Legalize Medical Marijuana

  1. Todd & Ziggy and all my friends who I am so proud to know..I am doing all I can to spread the word of your heroic walk, calling the senators up here in the Surry County region, speaking with knowledge, kindness but also letting them know how much is at risk for those like myself who so need these archaic laws changed. Danny & I would love to be with you in person, I do hope my letter travels with you and someone can read it at the end of this march; I will be back in Wake Forest Hospital however. My per-op tests are the 25th, with surgery the following morning. Over 200 miles, no assistance..I explained I get NO government hand out, that we have again found ourselves in a position where we have to decide between fuel, and food. How do I eat healthy when we cannot afford fuel? I explained about the pain clinics, and my body not tolerating their pharma drugs, but also my fear of arrest should I grow my own medicine; because I would certainly die swiftly behind bars. I was told my messages would be given to both Senators. I spoke of the march, the house bill pending..I passed along the info from to NC Norml who are posting about your march daily now; how to contribute, ect. I so thank you for all you are doing. I may not be able to be there in person, my message hopefully is being carried, I am sharing on FB too, sharing with all I can, but need YOU to know how very much I thank you for all you are doing. I am proud to call you “friend”. Thank you so very much.

    Cindy & Dan Lamprecht


  2. I am a patient and also a family member of a cancer patient. Both of us could benefit from a natural medicine that shows little to no reports of addiction, overdose or negative side effects versus the traditional pain medication. Please help support this and open everyone’s minds of the benefits and how they outweigh the risks.

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