March Against Fear – Press Release

March Against Fear 2014 The Road to Civil Rights for Cannabis Users.


Asheville Vance Monument to the Raleigh Legislative Building

On June 6, 1966 James Meredith started a solitary March Against Fear for 220 miles from Memphis, Tennessee to Jackson, Mississippi to protest against racism. Ordinary people both black and white came from the South and all parts of the country to participate.

On June 6, 2014, Todd Stimson will start a March Against Fear peaceful picketing walking for 240 miles from Asheville, NC to the Raleigh Legislative Building to protest against the violation of cannabis users’ rights and to support Legislation of Cannabis (NC HB941) and the 2014 House Bill to create an amendment to the state’s constitution to legalize medical marijuana (NC HB1161). Hoping to break the fear of incarceration for possessing and cultivating a non-toxic, and minimally addictive plant, citizens have to stand up for their rights and demand their voices be heard. The marchers will be taking US 70 and US 64 traveling through many cities for 17 days. They will then be peaceful picketing walking into Raleigh on Moral Monday June 23.
Todd and the other marchers hope to inspire ordinary people (both users and non-users) from across the state and all over the South to participate.
The following is an estimate for where Todd and everyone who joins him will be on certain days throughout our North Carolina

March Against Fear 2014
June 6; Day 1- Asheville Vance Monument–Black Mountain
June 7; Day 2 – Black Mountain–Marion
June 8; Day 3 – Marion–Glen Alpine
June 9; Day 4 – Glen Alpine–Valdese
June 10; Day 5 – Valdese–Hickory
June 11; Day 6 – Hickory–Catawba
June 12; Day 7 – Catawba–Statesville
June 13; Day 8 – Statesville–Cleveland
June 14; Day 9 – Cleveland–Salisbury
June 15; Day 10 – Salisbury–Lexington
June 16; Day 11 – Lexington–Thomasville
June 17; Day 12 –  Thomasville–Arcdale
June 18; Day 13 –  Arcdale–Liberty
June 19; Day 14 –  Liberty–Siler City
June 20; Day 15 – Siler City–Jordan Lake
June 21; Day 16 –  Jordan Lake
June 22; Day 17 – Jordan Lake–South West Raleigh
June 23; Day 18 – South West Raleigh… Raleigh Legislative Building

If you are along this route and could help the marchers in their tireless efforts with accommodations, food, etc please contact them immediately.
Contact Details:
You can find an event page at Against Fear 2014.
Todd Stimson     (828) 699-5704
Jason Humes     (239) 887-7414
For medical Cannabis information please visit

Jordanna Colby

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