March Against Fear (Blog) – Freedom Fighters’ Journey to Raise Marijuana Awareness


Todd Stimson is putting his freedom on the line for a plant with healing qualities. Facing felony charges for providing medical cannabis for multiple cancer patients, including his daughter, he is carrying a mock potted marijuana plant from downtown Asheville through the mountains and across the countryside to the capitol building in Raleigh. He and his fellow freedom fighters are looking to raise awareness about the plants’ benefits, the irrational laws that cause 20,000 North Carolinians to be arrested every year for possession of the plant, and to encourage everyone to call their representative in support of House Bill 1161.

This article is a running documentary of Todd and the fellow marchers’ walk across the state. It is a compilation of what can be found on Facebook. You can follow all the Facebook posts by typing in the #MarchAgainstFear hashtag into Facebook.

The “March Against Fear” Facebook event is here

A press release about the march is here.

If you would like to help Todd and the freedom marchers, you can submit donations to their tremendous effort to energize North Carolina here.

MarchAgainstFear-group shot in the grass


Day Eight, June 13 – Statesville, NC (Halfway Point)

Video of Day Eight of the March Against Fear 2014… includes a song by Doug Honeycutt, with Jesse Pague, Ray Pague and myself playing along. Bev Sun Painter and I worked all morning getting this one edited – we really like it, hoping you do too! Now, it’s off to Jordan Lake to see our heroes!

Triangle Sandhills TimeWarner Cable News – Protestors March from Asheville to Raleigh in Push for Medical Marijuana

Day Seven, June 12 – Catawba, NC

[By Ervin Dargan – videographer for MarchAgainstFear….]

(The video below) explains well why I’m a medical cannabis advocate. So many times I’ve heard this same story – patients have an injury or other condition with chronic pain and are prescribed opiate-type medications, of which the terrible side effects and lack of efficacy for long term illness are well known. A life time of addiction and dosage creep are their only prospect until they find that cannabis used as an adjunct medication can drastically reduce or cut out their need for narcotics (studies show an average of 2/3 reduction) . They get their lives back – they can work again, can play with their grandchildren again, have hope for the future…tears often well up in the teller and me also. Yes, this stuff really is medicine, not a “stalking horse for legalization” as some believe. Prohibitions may come and go but the Truth remains – Nature is the best pharmacy and we have a natural right to treat our own bodies as we see fit.

Day Six, June 11 – Hickory, NC


Video from Day Six of March Against Fear 2014 – I think Kirk says it well, “We need the plant, the whole plant…so help us God!” A bill to legalize “CBD-only” cannabis oil has been introduced in NC and will have more legislative support than HB 1161, mostly because a CBD only extract from GW Pharmaceuticals will soon be distributed by Bayer Pharmaceuticals. We will have to fight hard for the Natural Right to use a plant as we see fit. Thanks ToddFreedom Fighterswnc,Ray Pague,Charlie Sean,Jason Humes,Matt Ramsey and many others for marching for natural medicine.


Asheville News 13’s piece

Day Five, June 10 – Valdese, NC


Day Four, June 9 – Glenn Alpine



These folks are walking across North Carolina to garner public support to get a proposed constitutional amendment legalizing medical cannabis out of committee and onto the ballot in November. Local press is good and getting better – WSOC TV from Charlotte interviewed them today. This trek reminds me of the Jouneys for Justice where I metKay Lee, Bob andCathy Jordan,Cher Ford-mccullough,Brian McCullough,Jodi James, many other wonderful Souls who put themselves on the line for Truth and principle. These actions have powerful transformative effects on individuals, becoming milestones in their Spiritual Journey. It’s exciting to see that glow of Freedom on their faces asRay Pague, ToddFreedom Fighterswnc,Charlie Sean,Matt Ramsey,Ziggie McLemore and others March Against Fear… after all, isn’t fear always the real enemy?


MEDIA COVERAGE  — Two puppets discuss marijuana news,  House Bill 1161 and how Todd Stimson’s March Against Fear needs your support.


Statesville Record and Landmark covers Todd’s trek through their area.

Day Three, June 8 – Marion, NC


Video from Day Three of the March Against Fear 2014, including a mother whose child has Tourette Syndrome supporting the walkers and HB 1161 (Tourette Syndrome is a qualifying condition under the NC Medical Cannabis Act, which HB 1161 would put on the ballot) Cannabis is used around the world to help Tourette Syndrome sufferers… I have a recommendation for cannabis for stuttering (issued by the late great Dr. Tod Mikuriya).


Hickory Record asks “Drugs or Medicine? These guys are walking 240 miles in support of state bill


Day Two, June 7 – Black Mountain


Different kind of protest video with a cute impromptu song for the plant played from a tree climbing banjo player. The March Against Fear is garnering a lot of public support and good press – you can follow the action by “going” to this event, even if you can’t attend you can show solidarity –

Morganton News and Herald announces Medical marijuana activists visit Morganton

MarchAgainstFear-Day2 Mile 6

Day One, June 6 – Asheville, NC


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. ~Laotzu

And the journey begins!….

McDowell News posts Medical marijuana supporters en route to Raleigh

4 thoughts on “March Against Fear (Blog) – Freedom Fighters’ Journey to Raise Marijuana Awareness

  1. For those of us who are now too ill waiting for the fear train to quit running and more speak truths as Todd has; we thank you. Myself personally; though I cannot physically handle such a tremendous journey, I do continue to educate, to write letters to those who are *supposed* to represent “we the people” and pray that soon, the day will come when it will be realized that there is a huge difference between this healing PLANT, and a pharma drug created in a lab. I am so very proud, and grateful to all who are walking this walk, and listen each morning on 94.5 FM radio as they discuss the march. I have yet to see anything on TV up here in Surry county on this event, but its not that surprising because this goes against the propaganda flow of processed, filtered news and we can’t be upsetting people with the truth, now can we???

    Sadly, I have seen in person that oftentimes it takes a judge, or another person in higher positions than the common people to be in need of help due to serious chronic illness to finally have them want to change their position/stance on the benefits of this healing herb. Too bad our current president, who lost his own mother & grandmother to cancer, and bragged about his own “cannabis club” was bought and paid for by big pharma. My letters to his office were received and the response; was a plea for me to send them money! (I of course responded by telling them this was not unexpected but that since I do not dip into the governments pockets for my health care; and six cancers and radiation poisoning is *very* costly, that forthcoming donations from me would be the wealth of information on healing using herbs) I included the fact that I have become steadily more ill while the bill to allow us to grow this simple plant “lay on the floor” awaiting someone with compassion to please help before this kills me has it has so many others.

    Thank you so much for standing up, speaking out and being the voice and heart of what we can only hope will be history making changes here in North Carolina. I know I speak for many who cheer you all on, and carry the hope of so many chronically ill people who do not want to be on addictive drugs, and just want our freedom to grow our own cure. The state that was once *the* state that produced tobacco, CAN be the state that produces cannabis, and hemp; and by doing so; rebuild our schools, help rebuild roads, pay for so many things left abandoned due to the failing economy and we all know money *is* the bottom line. Tobacco is poisonous, it leads TO cancer. (and we know cancer makes big pharma, the hospitals, doctors and these “pain clinics” big money).

    Cannabis helps us in so many ways, from killing cancer cells, to helping us cope with the pain, the nausea, the depression and gives us some of the quality of life we lost when cancer came knocking on our doors. Only those who deal with cancer personally know how frightening and helpless the word “cancer” is.

    I am proud of you all. Bless you Todd for all you do, especially with your own beautiful daughter having now also having to bravely face cancer herself…and still you march against the madness. I am proud to call you “friend” well as others who march with you, who have shown me compassion while doctors have shown none. My letter written before my last major surgery is still yours to read if you see fit, I am proud to have you, or Ziggy or any other of the Freedomfighters be my voice as I continue to to battle on, hoping due to your efforts to soon be able to live pain and cancer free. The fear train will not be stopping here. And if there is anything I CAN do to help, you know I always will. Be safe, Be proud, YOU are our voice and though too ill to make that walk, we are behind you all, and refuse to be silent. Thank you so very much. You are all making history. Be Proud. We are.

    Cindy L. Lamprecht

  2. Todd Stimson has every last bit of my support. It is inspiring to see that somebody has started to finally try to get people in this state to understand. I wish you every bit of luck in this world, my friend. It is time to stand up for our rights.

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