Marijuana (Cannabis) support strengthens in North Carolina


More than four out of ten North Carolina voters believe cannabis should again be legal for adult purchase, and 63% say doctors should be allowed to prescribe medical cannabis.

Public Policy Poll – North Carolina Marijuana Support – January 2014

A poll conducted by Public Policy Polling this past weekend reveals that a strong majority of North Carolinians (63%) want doctors to have the right to authorize cannabis for medicinal use. Last year an identical January poll showed support for medical marijuana at 58%, an increase of five points. Regarding full legalization of the plant, support rose three percentage points (39% to 42%) from this time last year.

Polling results show 53% of North Carolinians think alcohol is more dangerous than cannabis, a view which is certainly supported by all available data. While only 12% see cannabis as being more dangerous, 23% believe the two as being equally dangerous and the rest are not sure.

According to a nationwide CNN poll last week, nearly 75% of Americans think alcohol is more dangerous than cannabis.

The state poll reached 1,384 North Carolina voters from January 9 – 12, 2014.

Regarding the cultivation of industrial hemp, nearly half of those polled believes North Carolina farmers should be allowed to grow the crop. The poll shows 48% support for farmers to have that right, and 18% are not sure. This is the first year a hemp-related question has been polled in North Carolina.

Industrial hemp and marijuana are both part of the cannabis species of plant. Hemp is similar to marijuana with the exception that hemp (a) contains no psychoactive chemicals and (b) can’t be grown in close proximity to psychoactive cannabis without hurting its quality. According to federal law, hemp is currently illegal to grow but is legal to import and process into textiles, paper, biofuels and food.

Jon Kennedy, an officer with the state chapter of NORML, said the poll results confirm North Carolina is following the nationwide trend of increasing marijuana awareness. “The people of North Carolina are beginning to understand that marijuana is safer than alcohol and are eager for a change in how we spend our tax dollars and generate revenue in the state.”

NORML of North Carolina is a non-profit organization with a mission to move public opinion sufficiently to re-legalize the responsible use of marijuana by adults.

Federally, marijuana has been a Schedule I controlled substance since 1970. Schedule I substances are deemed to have a high potential for abuse and no medical value.

There have been no deaths from marijuana overdose recorded. Fewer than 10 percent of those who try marijuana ever meet the clinical criteria for dependence, while 32% of tobacco users and 15 percent of alcohol users do.

“Marijuana really is medicine. A recent CNN documentary about its ability to treat severe forms of epilepsy has given hope to families with children suffering from chronic seizures. The National Cancer Institute [] now recognizes marijuana has cancer cell killing properties. Considering plant is effectively non-toxic with no confirmed deaths from overdose and less addictive than alcohol suggests it is time for a reform of North Carolina’s marijuana laws,” added Kennedy.

According to FBI records, North Carolina law enforcement arrested over 20,000 people in 2011 for marijuana related offenses.

17 thoughts on “Marijuana (Cannabis) support strengthens in North Carolina

    1. I
      have hep c, diabetes, severe arthritis and chronic back pain.I am all for medical marijuana.
      The more polls and billboards, the better.Let’s all get on board and save marijuana.

  1. I favor legalization. Recently had a colonoscopy done and the doctor said I had a fatty liver (due to drinking). I’d rather smoke weed than drink alcohol, and I wouldn’t gain the weight

  2. i also agree I have extreme panic attacks an I can smoke a joint an within 1min after I start smoking my panic attacks leave… we need to legalize marijuana.. I also no plenty of friends that has wrecked and got killed from alcohol.. To me weed is a non threat, alcohol is a BIG threat, especially when they get behind the wheel, or get cocky and think they can do anything..

    1. Khristian… We agree completely. Compared to most pharmaceuticals, marijuana is safer with regards to toxicology. That is definitely the case with alcohol, which has little long term value medicinally. NC NORML receives calls often from people who use the plant to relieve their panic attacks and acute anxiety. This plant has many benefits, few risks, and must be legalized ASAP.

  3. Thomas Jefferson grew hemp. George Washington grew hemp. In colonial America, marijuana was often used as a base value for bartering. In the late 1800s, doctors prescribed marijuana to alcoholics to cut down on demestic violence and low and behold, it worked. No recorded deaths, and cancer killing properties. It bonds people together, I know from first hand accounts. In the words of peter Griffin, why are we not funding this!? The only reason it became illegal was a propaganda campaign by William Randolph Hearst, a paper giant, who felt threatened by the hemp industry because it’s a lot more efficient to turn hemp into products for use than it is paper. One acre of one season of hemp produces the SAME amount of paper products as 4 acres of trees. And let’s don’t forget that our great constitution is written on none other than… You guessed it, hemp paper.

  4. I’ve suffered with anxiety/depression and nerve damage that cannabis helps dramatically better than anything else. I’m tired of taking all of these pills that provide little relieve and cause so many side effects. I’m a Christian and don’t believe in abusing drugs and I see cannabis as an amazing medicine and hemp an amazing plant and knowledge needs to defeat the ignorance of those in power. I’ll show up at any rally and hold up signs; I’m thinking daily “how much longer is it going to be before I get my medicine.” 5 years? I’m disabled so moving would be hard and Medicaid won’t pay for cannabis but I could grow it at least somewhere. Idk, it’s frustrating and I’m going back and forth from extreme depression where I just want to die. I can’t stand having a cure right in front of me that I can’t grasp. It’s been 15 years hoping and struggling in this area and I’m out of energy. And it’s because I’m not breaking the law in growing any cannabis. It’s gotten bad, I’ve cut myself a lot and done other self-inflicted injuries. I’ve bought dissociative research chemicals that do work for the nerve pain but aren’t studied well enough and can cause brain damage; but I have no choice when the pain gets so bad. Why can’t I have this simple plant that would solve so many of my problems? Why am I a criminal for wanting this solution?

    1. I have 2 obliterated discs in my back,hep.c,severe arthritis , diabetes ,high blood pressure,degenerative discs disease anxiety and depression . If anyone needs med mj, it’s me and you sound as if you need it as bad as I or worse. I have smoked since I was 14,I’m 51 now. Legalize it for medicinal purposes already .

  5. I have been batteling cancer for over 25 years. I now have bone and bone marrow cancer. I take two different types of chem one every three weeks for the reast of my life and one once a month for the rest of my life. I take hydrocodone two tablets every 4 hr. Lorazzepam for nausea. I also take morphine twice a day for pain. I take zolpidam for sleep, prochlorperazine for treat anxiety, and to control severe nausea and vomiting.All in all I take over 22 different pills a day and that make me feel crappy. They all have lots of negitive sede effects. With cannibis it stops the nausea fast and helps block some of the pain recertors as well as helps me to sleep by shutting down my brain at night, since all I do is think all the time. Cannabis is a lot cheper then alot of these meds as well. Please get medical cannabis passed soon.

    Thank you Kimberly Parsons

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