Medical Marijuana Research Business Raided in North Carolina – Call to Action


Todd Stimson owns Blue Ridge Medical Cannabis Research Corporation (BRMCRC). His company has a mission to determine which strains of marijuana are most effective for medical patients. His company has been operating publicly for almost a decade and has been paying taxes consistently along the way. The only problem is that the state of North Carolina says cannabis has no medicinal value and is illegal to grow and possess in the state.

The business was raided recently and patients no longer have access to the non-toxic medicine they need. On July 11, 2013 several dozen officers from the Fletcher police department and SWAT team raided Todd’s home and confiscated all of his medicinal plants.

Todd attended the Charlotte NORML chapter meeting two weeks later and told the story of how his children had rifles pointed at them during the raid. He found out that the only danger in possessing marijuana (a non-toxic plant with no recorded deaths from overdose) is from the government and its prohibition of the plant.

Members in attendance said Stimson’s story reminded them of the recent documentary produced by Brad Pitt entitled “The House I Live In”. The film is an expose on the continues dangers of the failed drug war. The local Charlotte National Public Radio station discussed this documentary recently.

Stimson has been charged with manufacturing a controlled substance; felony marijuana possession; possession with intent to sell and deliver marijuana; possession of drug paraphernalia; and maintaining a place for controlled substances.

He faces up to 10 years in prison.

One of Stimson’s clients is a cancer survivor who goes by the name Ziggy. When asked about the raid of BRMCRC, Ziggy said he didn’t know what to do. “I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for Todd. He gave me medical cannabis as a treatment for my cancer. He helped me dial in the right strain. I went from being skinny and bald [from the cancer and treatments] to being big with long hair today. I don’t know what I’m going to do now.”

Stimson filed the Articles of Incorporation for BRMCRC, has a state and federal EIN number (tax id), and a privilege license for the “art of healing”. The business has been buying marijuana tax stamps from the North Carolina Department of Revenue, so the tax revenue portion of the business has been taken care of. Even though the state of North Carolina sells marijuana tax stamps, it still considers anyone who grows the plant to be guilty of a felony.

This Friday, August 2nd will be Stimson’s first hearing. It will be held at the Henderson County Courthouse. Anyone who is supportive of the Blue Ridge Medical Cannabis Research Corporation’s mission – to find appropriate strains of cannabis for patients in need – should come out in support. The court hearing and demonstration rally will be at 8am.

Henderson County Courthouse
200 N Grove St, Suite 163
Hendersonville, NC 28792

For more information about Todd Stimson’s predicament, please read this local article from the Asheville Citizen Times and this one from High Times magazine.

Also the Blue Ridge Liberty Project conducted an interview that can be viewed on YouTube.

If you are supportive of medical marijuana in the state of North Carolina (or anywhere) please consider making the time to show support for Todd at the Henderson County Courthouse this Friday morning.

He needs our help.

6 thoughts on “Medical Marijuana Research Business Raided in North Carolina – Call to Action

  1. It’s unfortunate that NC believes that it is better for a individual to take medication which is known to cause other medical complications, destroy organs and can be addictive rather than eat or smoke a plant that helps. In the past I was on very high doses of Oxicotin. It no longer worked. The next step would have been Methadone. I was terrified. I had been doing a lot of research on the values of marijuana for Fybromyaligia. Apparently so had someone close to me and they gave me some to smoke. It was amazing how it helped. Well it’s a long story from there, but because I want to be in compliance with NC law, I have not used marjuaninain almost 2years, I am on medication prescribed by my doctor and taking it accordingly. Unfortunately, with the Fybromyaligia, chronic muscle spasms, peripheral neuropathy, arthritis, carpal tunnel and God knows what else, I hurt from head to toe , 24/7 365. But, as long as NC says that is what the law prescribes, then that is the life they have destined me to. I guess it’s OK by them if these medications destroy my origins. I wonder if my Medicare will cover all of the expense? I just don’t understand their ignorance. You cannot overdose on it. It is less harmful than alcohol, yet that is legal. They can bring in huge tax revenues legalizing it. Could somebody please explain what the problem is and why I am doomed to a life of miserable pain!

  2. I am really bummed out after reading about Todd I would have loved to be at the courthouse in support. I just got around to reading this. I also had a possession charge I had to take care of in august nothing too serious though. I support the movement and will be there in the future without a doubt.

  3. HEY NORML,…How can marijuana be classified as a schedule 1 drug when the federal government holds a patent for the medical benefits of cannabis? These two FACTS cannot coexist. The schedule 1 classification is a know fraud and has been since 2-2-2001 when the federal government filed for a patent on cannabis for medical use. It would seem to me that EVERY SINGLE CONVICTION under the schedule 1 classification of marijuana could, and should, be overturned nationally and the federal government should be charged with negligence and false arrest.

  4. It’s a damn shame that NC chooses to allow pain patients to suffer even more, by ensuring that opioids are prescribed for pain. These drugs are physically dependent. Marijuana is not physically dependent. I have broken my back in 2 places and the only thing he doctors can do is prescribe opioids. They have me taking 90 mg of morphine twice a day and 30 mg of Percocet twice a day. I do not want to take these meds but have no choice. Also, the state claims that’s opioid dependence is terrible in our area. Perhaps they should not prescribe opioids and prescribe marijuana, which can not kill anyone.

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