A message from a Medical Patient in NC Cannabis Patients Network

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It’s been a while since we posted on this blog. Activism is difficult work. Mostly because it takes a lot of time and pays no money. This is also uncharted territory for many of us in the South. So there’s also some ingenuity that goes along with our orneriness. We’re making it up as we go along. But there’s something about this issue of marijuana re-legalization the keeps us moving forward diligently.

One of our friends at the North Carolina Cannabis Patients Network (NCCPN.org) sent us his reasons for fighting the good fight. We thought we’d post it here. We think you’ll appreciate and understand his perspective…


The time has come to try new things. As a group we have a real possibility of making Medical Marijuana (MMJ) a campaign issue in NC come election time. This will not happen by itself but will not be as hard as it sounds. We need to educate the public around us to the medical potential of Cannabis. Politicians listen to numbers. We hit some threshold on bill HB84 judging from the reaction we received. When we get the public at large calling and asking for MMJ the politicians will fear for their jobs. We can show up at any political meetings open to the public. There we should ask in public and press view about MMJ. Try to get a poll taken of the room to show public support on the issue. If we keep some pressure on we will get noticed. If the press picks MMJ up as a question we are successful but not done with our job. We will need to nurse this along with pressure from the public at large till the bill passes.

Our job is to take to the streets where you live. Find a public area with pedestrian & street traffic. Make a few signs up talking about the medical properties of MMJ. Print out a few pamphlets or your own handout tuned to your area to hand out to interested passerby’s. A cheap handout is a business card with MMJ info on it. I put links to government studies about MMJ on the back of the card. Not sure of what you will say on your card? Use what is on other cards you have seen and like. I stole half of my card from Sydv.

I know I am asking you to get out of your comfort zone in advocating the issue of MMJ openly. I know I certainly am uncomfortable with the high profile I have taken on here in the Charlotte region. But the need to see unjust laws change is not driven by my needs. I look to the future of my kids and think how much their lives could be improved with early access to safe & sane medicine. I worry about a blot on their arrest record affecting their ability to get a job and secure a future for themselves just because they choose Marijuana over alcohol to relax after work.

If you ask where are our leaders let me assure them we are all hard at work as our conditions allow. Perry Parks is doing great work for the cause by taking on the legislature, finding sponsors and keeping MMJ alive in minds and conversations in that snake pit( legislature floor). Perry has teamed up with NORML and has been seen speaking at their events. Perry has worked hard to grow this organization to the size you see today. Perry is doing more than any of us to make this real. But there is only so much any one person can do. That is where you and I come in. Perry built NCCPN to educate the public about the benefits of medical cannabis and it is time to return the favor and help spread the word.

When you are out spreading the word about MMJ remember that recent polls say North Carolinians like the idea of MMJ. Recreational use is starting to be seen as safe in the general population. The war on drugs is disliked by most Americans. The tide is turning in our favor. We need people that will get out and educate their area and start the conversation to change the laws concerning Marijuana use in North Carolina. Could that be YOU? We need warm, willing bodies to help secure a better future for us all in North Carolina.

10 thoughts on “A message from a Medical Patient in NC Cannabis Patients Network

  1. In my current job, I can’t be “active” in public. But, I can say this – I support this %1,000. My husband’s Dr has stated he is a prime candidate for it. He’s a Medically Retired Combat Vet who suffers from chronic, debilitating pain and is on more meds than my 93yr old grandfather. Within the guidelines of my job, I will do what I can. Someone has to stand up for my husband, if Raleigh won’t – I will. Thank you for everything you are doing to help make his “Quality of Life” better!!

  2. I would like to help. I have a story. I am in complete support of complete legalization as in Colorado. However, my “story” dictates I help to reform the existing laws that are unjust and destroy lives. I can testify to that with my “story”. I am a 47 year old college educated professional that is willing to go public with his story to demostrate the need for this reform.

  3. I and my partner were victims of domestic terrorism by the police on 6.19.13 for a domestic Federal Express package, afterwords, the cops “high fived” in the yard as they tossed a bag of marijuana about while my neighbors looked on in horror. I am now paralyzed with anxiety in my own home, and facing significant sanctions for living in my home and taking care of myself as I best saw fit. When is this insanity going to be replaced with care and compassion?

  4. We are dealing with giant corporations. The prison industrial complex is a blemish on our collective soul. Where does it say it’s OK to put Americans in a private cage for the share holders to see the bottom line ?

  5. I am a patient on disability who suffers from severe chronic nerve pain in my lower spine and legs over the pat 13yrs i have tried all sorts of narcotic medication at times it has made me violently ill with severe nausea unable to eat or sleep and has cause me depression and nearly cost me my life i have tried medical marijuana which gave me relief and hope but since i live in n.c. i am unable to get it legally i no longer want to take pain meds but i am given no choice i am at my witts end and so desparately need help and want the laws to be changed

  6. My name is Stacy Brown and I reside in North Carolina and would like to see Medical Cannabis organizations in this State, provide services to Police Officers that have became sick and provide a resource for them and get the assistance they may need. I know I have been sick since 2009 and there is NO assistance for disabled officers in this State, other than Medicare and if you qualify for Medicaid, which to a lot, that is out of reach, I make 9.00 to much to qulify. We as America offer Veterans with honor and assistance. Local Officers daily strive to keep our streets safe and wish someone would stand up for Local Government Officers in this State to provide some sort of assistance to them, when they don’t meet qualifications for local assistance. This would give North Carolina a feeling that NC Cannabis is giving back to the community and it being Police Officers that involuntary assisted all these decades with Prohibition, they would in turn see that the herb they fault hard to prevent is now helping them if they were to become disabled and could not get any assistance other than Medicare, which you probably know doesn’t meet patients needs, Thank You for Everything this organization does for helping stop this plants prohibition. There is some way that people could see the greatness in this plant other than helping the sick. People who aren’t sick and in need of this herb, need to see that it is giving back and opposing people would hopefully change their voting views and start to accept it for all it will provide us as humans.

    This is a little about me.
    I’ve been in Law Enforcement for 15 years and 5 years in which I was a Police Chief and in 2009 I was diagnosed with Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. I have took to many to mention prescription medications that only made my symptoms extremely worse. At times they made it so bad that I couldn’t move at all, stranding me in bed for several days after injections. I tried two different pill form medications and the outcomes were the same. I have tried Cannabis and it is the only thing that I have found thus far that eases the pain and MS effects, I cannot walk anymore and I live alone, I have attempted 3 different times to get some help from our State Government system for people in my situation but they have denied because I make 9 dollars to much, they advised me that if I get on a prescription medication then I would get help because of the prescriptions expenses. I can’t do that with a clear conscious to use Medicare to purchase meds that do me harm just so I can get the help I need. I do not want to be apart of anything illegal, but it is confusing to see 23 other states in this Country that is giving others just like me a safer access to medicinal cannabis. I have served for this Govnerment for 15 years and I feel that I should be able to live daily without so much pain, when cannabis is the only thing thus far that helps me without harsh side effects. Please do something to help me by allowing my Doctor to recommend and prescribe me what she and I feel that’s gonna relieve this pain that I did not ask for. Life can change drastically for any of us at anytime. Believe me when I say I have been in great shape during my career so as to perform my duties that I swore to up hold, protect and help citizens to be safer. Now I need help to be safe and allow purchase of what has been proven by Scientists to ease pain and stimulate brain cells. I know it may not be understandable by all, but nobody wants to live with this kind of pain. So please give us the option for Safe Access and not settle for what is being sold on the streets that no one knows anything about such as parasites, bugs and or the pesticides that may be used during cultivation. Please Please Please assist us living with pain for this may be you writing a letter someday. I never would have dreamed I would be, Thank You for your time and Thanks for helping keep America safer.

    S.L. Brown

    1. The problem I see is that people or corporations are protecting their market share for pain relief. So, it comes down to jobs, feeding their families. The ones needing natural pain relief are not important to them.

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