Medical Marijuana Rally – February 12, 2013 in Raleigh


What is this upcoming medical marijuana event?
NORML of North Carolina, NCCPN and perhaps hundreds of other concerned citizens are rallying to show support of the new medical marijuana bill in North Carolina. This is being touted as the Medical Cannabis Act Legislative Day. This bill will allow safe access for people seeking relief from several different conditions and diseases. Attendance at this rally will show legislators that this is an issue that people in North Carolina care about.

A recent survey conducted by Public Policy Polling revealed 58% of North Carolinians support a doctor’s right to prescribe marijuana.

Lunch will be provided after everyone has had a chance to meet with their representative. Afterwards a medical doctor will speak about how the human endocannabinoid system works in the main auditorium. This will be a great time to meet like-minded people from across the state.

Who should attend?
If you think and feel that a doctor has the right to prescribe medical marijuana, you need to come out and show your support. This event’s success depends on you. The passage of this bill will only happen if you and your friends and family come out to show support and contact your representative.

When will this event be held?
February 12, 2013 (Tuesday)
Arrive at 9am for a rally and meet with your Representative. (Call today for an appointment).

Don’t know your Representative?
Click here for NORML’s comprehensive guide to finding and contacting your Representative

Or click here to see the North Carolina General Assembly page

Where will we meet?
North Carolina General Assembly
Legislative Building
16 West Jones St
Raleigh, North Carolina

We will actually be meeting at Halifax Mall behind the Legislative Building.
This outdoor green space connects the State Legislative Building at the South with other state government buildings. Look for the crowds of medical marijuana supporters and people wearing bright orange shirts. They have information about where to go.

If it rains, the main auditorium is on reserve for us all day.

Etiquette Tip:
We’re trying to influence government officials. Please dress and behave like an upstanding citizen. Also, no one is persuaded by angry words and threats. Be objective and understanding. Not everyone sees the issue our way… yet.

If you’re interested in carpooling, the North Carolina Cannabis Patients Network is organizing rideshares.

Why should I go?
To show your support for North Carolina’s new medical marijuana bill. It is being filed this week by Representative Kelly Alexander. A version of this same bill was introduced during the previous General Assembly session but died in committee (i.e. it was ignored until time ran out). People must come out in large numbers to show they want this bill passed. Showing your support does not incriminate you in any way as a user of marijuana. Many people understand the medicinal benefits of marijuana and are demanding that compassionate laws be passed. This is an issue we can all get behind.

In order for this bill to pass, enough Representatives must care about the issue. For them to care, everyone (and this means YOU) must contact the Representative’s office by phone or mail or in person. Preferably all three. We must let our Representatives know that marijuana really is medicine. Show your support. Be respectful. Do it early and do it often.

NOTE: North Carolina NORML’s mission is to grow local chapters, educate the public about the benefits of the end of cannabis prohibition, and influence the legislators. If you support changing marijuana laws in North Carolina, please consider making a contribution to NC NORML today.

NC NORML Donation Page

NC NORML Billboard Fundraiser Page

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